Construction Products Testing Laboratory is accredited in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025 from the Executive agency Bulgarian Accreditation Service.


  • What does the CTEC service include?

    The Construction Products Testing Laboratory at СТЕС has the competence, experience and technical equipment to perform laboratory tests for initial type testing and factory production control of a wide range of construction products according to characteristics defined in national and European harmonized standards.

    The services of the Laboratory include:

    • Mechanical, physical and chemical tests of construction products;
    • Issuance of test reports;
    • Independent laboratory on-site inspection of construction sites.


    pdf-file Accreditation Order

  • Benefits for you

    • You get information on the main characteristics of your product (mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics)
    • The conducted test and the test report are part of the requirements for issuing a Declaration of Performance and affixing the CE Marking;
    • You can sell your product on the European market.
  • Why choose CTEC?

    • Тhe Laboratory for Testing of Construction Products at CTEC is accredited by the Executive Agency Bulgarian Accreditation Service;
    • We are members of seven technical committees in construction field to the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization, where our experts are actively involved in the development, approval and review of new standards;
    • We have the necessary equipment and expertise.


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Construction products
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Machinery, equipment and devices
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CTEC number in the information system of the European Commission NANDO (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations) is NB 1871.