Standard for energy management systems


The International Standard ISO 50001 helps your company implement the systems and processes needed to improve the energy efficiency. The implementation of this standard should lead to a reduction in energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts through systematic energy management.

The energy management system sets the framework for all aspects of energy supply and consumption in industrial, commercial and state-owned enterprises.


ISO 50001 is in favor of any organization, regardless of geographic, cultural and social conditions, which wants to ensure compliance with the energy policy it has declared and to prove this to others. Successful implementation depends on the engagement of all employees in the organization and, above all, the headquarters.


The ISO 50001: 2011 standard is designed to be used independently, but it can be aligned or integrated with other management systems.

ISO 50001 certification is a voluntary act. You could start ISO 50001 certification for the benefits that the energy management system will bring to your organization or to show your competitors or customers that you are applying this system.


CTEC Ltd. provides an accredited ISO 50001 certification through a partner.
The Romanian Certifying Authority has assessed and recognized CTEC lead auditors under ISO14001 to perform audits during the three-year certification cycle.


  • Benefits to you

    Energy Savings The ISO 50001 certification will allow your organization to realize significant energy savings that are sustainable as your staff must constantly monitor energy consumption and resolve irregularities or incidents that cause energy loss.

    Additional profit Organizations that implement ISO 50001 will develop a special type of Energy Management System (EnMS) that not only provides benefits but also generates extra profits for the organization.

    Exemption from Mandatory Audit If you are a large enterprise subject to mandatory energy efficiency audits under the Energy Efficiency Act (EEA, Article 57, Paragraph 2), the possession of ISO 50001 certificate relieves you of this obligation (EEA, Article 57, Paragraph 7), provided that the energy management system that you apply meets the minimum requirements for energy auditing in accordance with Ordinance No. Е-RD-04-05/08.09.2016.


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