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Management systems standards are voluntary standards.


Their application brings added value, prestige, and guarantees to partners, customers and users that your services are controlled, as well as demonstrating the commitment of senior management in implementing the management systems.


The organizations that have introduced management systems in their processes, products and services, taking into account all aspects of impact and assessing significant risks, are preferred business partners.


  • Scope of services


    The services performed by the Management Systems Certification Body at CTEC Ltd.  include accredited certification of management systems and integrated management systems according to the following standards:



    CTEC offers accredited certification through international partners according to the standards:

    • ISO 50001 - Energy management systems
    • ISO 13485 - Quality Management System for Medical Devices
    • SA 8000 - Social Responsibility
    • ISO 27001 - Information Security Management


    The Certification Management Systems Body at CTEC has an accreditation certificate No. 11OCC, valid until 30.11.2022, issued by the Executive Agency “Bulgarian Accreditation Service”. The scope of thr accreditation is described in detail in the Order of the Executive Agency “Bulgarian Accreditation Service”.

  • What are the steps?

    The main steps for certification are as follows:

    • Preparation for certification - offered by a consulting organization
    • Request for certification
    • Contract
    • Planning the audit
    • Stage 1 Audit
    • Stage 2 Audit
    • Decision for certification
    • Issuance of the Certificate
    • First Year Supervision Audit
    • Second Year Supervision Audit
    • Request and Agreement for Renewal
    • Renewal audit
  • Why to choose CTEC?

    • You will receive a high level of service in accordance with ISO / IES 17021 by a Bulgarian accredited body, such as CTEC Ltd;
    • Certificates issued under the accreditation of the Executive Agency “Bulgarian Accreditation Service” are recognized in all EU member states;
    • We work with auditors with proven competence, members of the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA);
    • We offer accredited certification for most of the areas included in the classification of economic activities - NACE BG-2008.
    • We know the European and Bulgarian legislation regarding the regulations applicable to the standards.
    • We are a member of the Technical Committee (TC 34) to the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization, which gives us the right to get acquainted with changes in management standards and participate in their discussions.
  • Benefits for you

    • Increased trust to the company (organization)
    • Improved internal order and efficiency
    • Increased competitiveness in bids and tenders, mainly under the Public Procurement Act (PPA)
    • Achieve better financial results
    • The particular benefits result from the nature of the particular systems
    • Create a good image, ensuring that your company is useful for society and the environment


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CTEC number in the information system of the European Commission NANDO (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations) is NB 1871.